We  have submitted practice round robot video last.week.  

When should we expect to get feedback?

Thanks and regards
Rajesh Shah
Coach - Raining Robots (Team # 31778)

On Fri, Jan 8, 2021 at 8:18 PM Ilnitzki, Kaitlin - ilnitzks <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hello FLL Coaches


Mission Models have been built, schedules have been written, volunteers are in place, awards are being ordered… We are gearing up for the 2021 FIRST LEGO League RePLAY season!  We are so excited and thankful that your teams will be participating in this extraordinary season. 


Here are a couple of important notes for Coaches and Teams

·       VA-DC FLL will not be using the FIRST Remote Event Hub.  After careful review, we felt that we could provide a better experience for volunteers and teams outside of the platform.  So, coaches will NOT being receiving an invitation to the FIRST Remote Event Hub.

·       Tentative Event Schedules have been posted to the event pages.  You can find the schedule for your event on  your tournament page. 

o  Find your event on our Tournament Calendar

o  Don’t know which event your team is at?  Search for your team HERE.

·       Submitting Materials:

o  Filming your Robot Game:  Check out this short video outlining how teams should be filming their robot game!  You can also find that guidance in written form here.

o  Practice Robot Game Round (Optional)- Approximately 17 days before your event, teams are encouraged to submit a practice robot game round video (via uploading a video or submitting a private YouTube link).  In most cases within 5 days of submitting, teams will receive feedback  from their Head Referee.  This will give teams time to make adjustments before filming their official rounds.  Find out more here!

o  Submitting Event Materials-  Approximately 5 days before your event, teams will submit materials to our website for judges and refs to review on the day of the event.  Find out more about what to submit and how to submit it HERE!

·       Remote Tournament Guidelines:  For more information about the tournament guidelines, please visit our Remote Tournament Guidelines page. 


We know it has been a crazy season and we are prepared to meet teams where they are!  If you are concerned about the readiness of your teams, please reach out to either Kaitlin Ilnitzki, VA-DC FLL Assistant Director or Karen Berger, VA-DC FLL Tournament Coordinator! 


Let’s get ready….3, 2, 1, LEGO!!


Virginia-D.C. FIRST LEGO League Regional Planning Team





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