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Deborah Heyward <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 23 Feb 2023 20:20:07 -0500
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Thanks for the info.  We finally got the firmware downgraded - we had to
use a mac computer, since ipad, and any laptops with windows 10 or windows
11 would not work.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 6:41 PM Skip Morrow <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi Deborah!
> Downgrading can be problematic. But it is possible. Officially from Lego,
> this seems to be the only way:
> <*step-1__;Iw!!N6YHze6lT7thMl0!OPyEHT6gPedcM3wlu-cohtNv5-5zo_UlI5Z5uR0iONgkwJEueIeg_Fdds7K7H3FJVqY_hM2hubRN6NLKS2weyw$>
> Requires a computer with Chrome OS, or a Mac with a Chrome browser.
> I also found this:
> <;!!N6YHze6lT7thMl0!OPyEHT6gPedcM3wlu-cohtNv5-5zo_UlI5Z5uR0iONgkwJEueIeg_Fdds7K7H3FJVqY_hM2hubRN6NKgrLilGg$>
> But I am not sure it will work because pybricks is a specific OS outside
> of Lego's official OS. I think it will work, but I am not sure. Be careful.
> I have not heard of any updates in the last week. Sorry!
> I hope this helps.
> Skip
> On Wed, Feb 15, 2023 at 5:45 PM Deborah Heyward <
> [log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Thanks for this note!  We had updated before this was sent out and
>> couldn’t figure out why things were not working.
>> We have not been able to revert the firmware to the previous version that
>> was used for the original Spike app.
>> I’m curious if anyone knows how to revert back?  Or if there have been
>> any updates on the newer app?
>> Thank you!
>> On Tue, Feb 7, 2023 at 2:50 PM Skip Morrow <[log in to unmask]>
>> wrote:
>>> *CAUTION: *This email originated from outside of JMU. Do not click
>>> links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the
>>> content is safe.
>>> ------------------------------
>>> VA DC FLL Teams,
>>> Have you had a problem with your Spike Prime Gyro? Probably you were
>>> trying to do a gyro turn, and the robot just kept spinning and spinning? I
>>> have heard it from several teams and online, so it is a problem that is
>>> somewhat widely known.
>>> I did some troubleshooting and found that if you hold the robot while it
>>> is booting up, almost certainly your gyro will not work. However, if you
>>> set the robot down for at least five seconds or so, it usually fixes
>>> itself. Here's a video I took of the problem:
>>> <;!!N6YHze6lT7thMl0!OmMud02-6Py74xBxOmQnzieK3N7yOE2Rpygm3EqvO3FiziLSTKKT7_-m36LxIKmdFRTpNdbDAvlzLNc-ZyFIrHK9Dr3mfNRAp5Hk$>
>>> At the beginning, I mention a previous video, which doesn't have much to
>>> add, but if you want to see it, here's the link:
>>> <;!!N6YHze6lT7thMl0!OmMud02-6Py74xBxOmQnzieK3N7yOE2Rpygm3EqvO3FiziLSTKKT7_-m36LxIKmdFRTpNdbDAvlzLNc-ZyFIrHK9Dr3mfN-K0qS8$>
>>> I have notified Lego technical support, and they have been super
>>> helpful! I'd like to share the email exchange here
>>> *From Lego to me:*
>>> Hi Skip,
>>> Thanks for the video and the steps leading to the gyroscope issue when
>>> running downloaded code!
>>> Here's an update of where we are in the investigation. We've been able
>>> to reproduce this issue with word block coding consistently on multiple
>>> robots with SPIKE Legacy firmware (HubOS
>>> When following the steps previously outlined, the gyroscope data does
>>> not update. Hub yaw/pitch/roll data is stuck at 0.
>>> For now, the workaround is what you've pointed out in the video. Add a
>>> wait block right after the initial program start block. A minimum of 2
>>> second wait is needed.
>>> We are in the process of testing with Python and I suspect the results
>>> will be similar to what you've already found.
>>> Also, interestingly, this issue is not reproducible with SPIKE App 3
>>> firmware (HubOS 1.2.10).
>>> Have a bricktastic day!
>>> *My Reply:*
>>> That is Awesome! I am glad that you were able to recreate the problem.
>>> By the way, you can also mitigate the problem by just letting the robot sit
>>> still for a couple of seconds before running the program. You don't have to
>>> do it with a wait block/command.
>>> I am a little confused with the version numbers. You mentioned HubOS
>>>, which is what I have on my hub, and that is obviously where we are
>>> having the issues. But then you mentioned Spike App 3 and HubOS 1.2.10. I
>>> thought Spike App 3 was the newest version??? But the HubOS 1.2.10 was a
>>> lower number than what I have now??? Are you saying that I should upgrade
>>> to Spike App 3? Or downgrade my HubOS to 1.2.10? Sorry for the confusion!
>>> *Their final reply:*
>>> Good to know about just letting the hub wait/sit still for a few seconds
>>> before starting the program.
>>> Also, I'm happy to clear up any confusion with firmware numbers. Yes,
>>> SPIKE App 3 has a lower number! It's because SPIKE App 3 has a complete
>>> rework of the firmware. So the versioning started a new. You can think of
>>> SPIKE Legacy and SPIKE App 3 firmware as two separate tracks.
>>> As for upgrading to SPIKE App 3, for FLL teams, we recommend holding
>>> off for now because:
>>> (1) No auto-conversion of SPIKE Legacy projects
>>> So right now SPIKE Legacy projects are not compatible with SPIKE App 3
>>> and vice-versa. Our SPIKE app team is working on a converter for an
>>> upcoming update in the Spring.
>>> (2) No Python
>>> A new Python API for SPIKE App 3 is being worked on. So it's not yet
>>> ready for SPIKE App 3. It will be part of a future update.
>>> *Final thoughts:*
>>> If you are having problems with your gyro, perhaps wait until Spring
>>> when the new software will be released. If you really need your robots
>>> right now, then absolutely be sure to boot the robot in a very stable
>>> place. Or be sure to let it sit steady for a few seconds after booting.
>>> Also, do not update your robot to Spike App 3.x until further notice.
>>> Anyway, I thought this would be helpful to some teams.
>>> And have a Bricktastic Day!
>>> Skip Morrow
>>> Coach 24277
>>> Norfolk Collegiate O.A.K.S.
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>> --
>> Enjoy each moment!
>> Deborah Heyward
>> [log in to unmask]

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